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Filmmaking is our passion. Our way to tell stories.

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Media Ape is a business driven by local communities.

At Media Ape, we're leading the way to a more community-focused video production agency. We believe that by creating valuable and meaningful film work, we are able to push for growth. Particularly, we see beyond profit, and we don't promote products' and services that we do not believe in. 

Hi, my name is Diana.

I am an independent filmmaker, multimedia producer, and an advocate of education and regional revitalization. I am a creature of nonconformity. You will find it difficult to label me, but I am always on the quest of finding the truth about life. 


I'm Frederik,

I am a photographer and videographer from Denmark. I've been taking photos since I was 10 and I love observing life through the camera lens. 

Selected Clients

We embrace every client and dedicate our passion to each and every one of them. 

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