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Will AI Video Generators Replace Video Production?

AI video generators, AI art, AI generated music ... It seems the world is now going through an era dominated by AI and algorithms.

Certainly, AI art has an impact on the art industry. Controversies broke out just two months ago when art made by AI won fine arts competition. Many artists did not take it lightly, as they did not view Allen - the creator of AI art - an artist of victory.

But what about AI-generated videos? Will AI video generators replace traditional video productions?

Video Production: An Industry Evolves Every Day

Contrary to what people believe, video production is an industry that evolves quickly due to consumers' changing preferences in filmmaking.

For example, the filmmaking of the 1990s focused on creating in-depth stories because studios did not have large budgets. Similarly, local movies didn't have the budget to advertise to all audiences worldwide.

However, as technology evolves in consumers' everyday lives, people tend to favor CGIs, motion graphics, and other eye-catching visual presentations in movies. Homogenized films become diversified.

AI Video Generators - Will it Change the Future?

AI video generators are online tools that create videos using AI (artificial intelligence) and internet algorithms.

There's a catch, though - the current AI video generators only focus on turning blog posts into social media videos instead of creative videos.

Synthesia's homepage
Synthesia, AI video creation platform

But in 2022, Meta announced the launch of its latest technology - Make-A-Video - an AI video generator that promises to turn users' creative prompts into one-of-a-kind videos. AI can generate videos using the given input, such as keywords and data. Of course, AI can generate videos using "text-to-video" method, just like AI art.

The introduction of AI video generators highlights the opportunity that anyone can be a creator without knowledge in video production. If you want to save money and time, AI video generator can lend a good hand. But what about the video creatives who spent years honing their skills?

Video Creators are Still in the Picture

Media Ape's video shoot with TAITRA

Although AI video generators can do pretty much anything - from video editing, styling to voiceovers. They are not likely to replace video production companies or video creators.

Videos created with AI are generally very linear, with stock videos, texts, and voiceovers. Creating longer videos with dynamic transitions, storytelling, and visual effects is still far more sophisticated than what AI is capable of doing, at least with our latest technology.

You can safely assume that until text-to-video technology like Meta’s has reached its zenith, we will not see AI-generated videos that are indistinguishable from man-made videos.

Here is an overview of why AI video generators won’t replace traditional video production:

  • AI video generators are only capable of simple voiceovers and video making.

  • AI-generated videos lack creativity.

  • AI videos lack cinematography.


To sum up, AI video generators are cutting-edge technology that creates videos in minutes. The current development promises us the ability to create blog-to-video content, with the latest text-to-video still on its way.

Despite growing concerns about how AI video generators will impact the current video production industry, I personally think there are just some things AI can’t and will never be able to achieve. It will remain as a supplement, not a replacement.

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